Enterprise Resource Planning for Schools at its Best

Enterprise Resource Planning for Schools at its Best

Schools have grown significantly in the past 50 years or so. There is much to keep track of and if you are leading a school of any type, an ERP Solution is necessary to ensure all operations are running smoothly. At Nuzech.com, we are your number one resource in Dubai for your ERP solution needs. No matter the size or scope of your school, we provide 4 ERP modules to choose from so you can find the right ERP solution for your needs.


Our administrative module allows you to easily keep track of staff, students, attendance, activities calendars, and more. Know where students are and who is coming in for admissions for the semester. This module also helps maintain your school’s website, so you and better assist current students and those that may have questions regarding your school’s operations. Additionally, your staff can easily send out alerts to students and those involved in your online community.


Within our Academic module, your teachers will have access to exam management tools, evaluations, lesson planning, timetables, and curriculum to keep everything organized. Student scores, grades, assessments, and the overall curriculum can be accessed through the academic module, so students, teachers, staff, and parents can have everything available in one place.


Your school’s finances are vitally important and missteps can often occur with accounting errors. Ensure that errors are avoided through our finance module. Here you can keep a keen eye on your assets, fees, boarding, transportation, inventory, and accounting, Know without a doubt where your money is and where it is allocated for. With this finance module, human accounting errors come to an end.


In the Reports module, you will find access to your school’s library, staff assessment, security management, feedback from staff, parents, and students, administrative management, and more. Our reports module maintains over 600 various reports to choose from, so no matter what is going on, you can have a professional assessment of the situation at hand.

Schools are changing. There is an intense need for key organization and monitoring of staff, students, and the ins and outs of the entire operation. Old ERP solutions do not address the school as a whole, but here at erpmodel.com, we are the organized ERP solution you have been looking for. With our specialized services, you can maintain order and keep your school running as it should. Let us help you make your school all it can be today. Trust nuzech.com for your ERP solution needs